Welcome to my blog! I’m Ella Nguyen, and I’m the owner of this online marketing website. Let’s face it, majority of people love to travel and would want to see the world, but we have full time jobs and limited vacation leaves. Well, also had the same problem 8 years back. I was a sales rep at a local pharmaceutical in Canada. I made an ambitious decision to quit my full time job to see the world. Now I don’t want to sound too good to be true, I did have problems. Such as where to get funds? and how to sustain myself? A friend of mine introduced me to online marketing a year before I decided to call it quits with my full time job. I was able to get a hang of it and the rest is history. In fact, I loved the idea of working at my convenience and anywhere as long as there’s internet connection.

My current location: Somewhere in the islands of Indonesia.