4 compelling reasons why I quit my previous job

Being a professional nurse, deciding to quit my secure job wasn’t a walk in the park. I had to do thorough soul searching to ensure I never regret my actions in the coming days. Here are the compelling reasons why I quit my nursing job.

1. To have fun while still making money

Serving as a professional nurse can be said to be more of call than a profession. Nursing is usually characterized by long hours of work, attention to the patient needs, and up and down movements within the health facility; the environment I did not like on personal grounds. Ever since I was young, my hobby has been traveling a lot. As such, I thought it necessary to quit my previous job and enjoy life while also earning a living.

2. I had acquired the required marketing expertise

After following a blog run one of the most successful online marketers for some time, I was convinced that I too can follow his footsteps. In most of his blog posts, he targets to nurture future online marketers. I followed his tips and became convinced that it was time to give it a try. I had to quit my job.

3. It takes time to financially grow as a nurse

Just like most nurses, I lived on my monthly salary. I had worked for close to 8 years but there’s little investment attached to my name. Changing tact was necessary, I had to quit.

4. To serve my conscience

Even while serving as a nurse for quite some time, I felt unsettled and thought it right to take a different approach towards my career. I had a strong conviction that nursing wasn’t “my thing”, and I hatched an exit strategy to become a successful online marketer.